Sample Kit - Coffee

Sample Kit - Coffee

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When you work belly to belly with your audience, be sure to keep plenty of samples on hand. Don't let the opportunity pass you by for them to bring home something to try right awayYou'll be glad you did.
Contains the following items:
-100 Generic Sample Cards
-100 Happy Face Stickers
-100 Patterned Cellophane Bags

Sample Cards - Gives a brief description benefits and directions. (Sample cards are generic and will not include personalized information.)
Happy Face Stickers - Use to add more happiness to your sample kits.
Cellophane Bags - All cellophane bags have a resealable self-adhesive strip to seal your contents.

Cellophane Bags:
Happy Face Stickers: 
Generic Sample Cards: 
Customized Sample Cards:

Currently, kits are available with teal bags only. Alternative patterns are available as a separate purchase using the Cellophane Bag link above.
*Generic items are those that do not include custom partner information.